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Retirement should be a

Special part of life.

A time to enjoy the fruits
of all your hard work.

Personalize your retirement savings plan with a timeline or build a plan that meets your financial goals with the help of Marc Daner — a highly experienced financial advisor in Alpharetta, GA. He'll collaborate with you on your retirement and wealth management options so that you can make informed decisions for your financial future.

Your retirement
At Daner Wealth Management, we can help make your retirement dreams a reality.

Together with the team, we bring deep experience in money management to create the most suitable retirement plan for you, considering your changing life circumstances, goals, milestones, and financial priorities. At Daner Wealth Management, we prioritize your interests, which is why we always ensure we provide client-first service.

Business Man

Why Choose Us?

Our principal, Marc Daner, has been advising hundreds of clients on their finances since 1990.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kellie Borror helps Marc grow the business by serving clients with exceptional service and building enduring client relationships based on integrity, trust, and personal service.


Here are other reasons why you should choose us as your financial advisor:

• Our highly knowledgeable team takes the time to address your concerns and explain our recommendations using straightforward language.  

• We discuss all your wealth management and retirement planning options, so you can always make the best decisions for you and your family.

• Our team is always available to respond whenever you need us to discuss your financial issues and opportunities and provide practical insights and advice.

Taking the time to listen to your questions and explain our recommendations, using straightforward language

Educating you on your options as your planning needs evolve so you can always make the best decisions for you and your family

Being available when you need us to discuss financial issues and opportunities and provide trusted insights and advice

Following through over the long haul to help you meet your goals and enjoy the kind of retirement you envision

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