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Financial Planning for Women In Alpharetta, GA

Although we work with a varied client base, the team at Daner Wealth Management especially welcomes the opportunity to work with women.
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Our principal, Marc Daner, discusses why he enjoys working with women, especially those at a transitional period in their lives:

Whether you’re single, married, divorced or widowed, we can offer expert guidance focused on building your retirement plan and simplifying your financial life.


Women and Retirement Planning


When I was 18, my parents got divorced after 20 years of marriage. My mother, a college graduate, had never worked outside of the home. She left the marriage with virtually no money. Over the next 25 years, she worked and put away her hard-earned savings into her 401(k). But she always worried about having enough money for retirement. That’s a huge burden to have on your shoulders.


Mom’s experience has always stuck with me. Soon after becoming a financial advisor, I found myself gravitating toward female clients. One of my first clients was a 72-year-old recently divorced woman. I kept a close eye on her for our entire relationship, even stopping by her house each month to check on her cash management account.


Another client came to me on the recommendation of her husband, who attended a workshop I’d led. They were going through a divorce, and her husband wanted her to have her own financial advisor. She’s now in her 80s. It’s meant the world to me to guide her through her post-divorce transition, into retirement and throughout her golden years.

Savvy Ladies

I am a volunteer with Savvy Ladies®, a non-profit organization that brings financial education to women. I respond to questions from women on issues relating to financial planning and investing..

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Far too often, finances and investing are seen as the exclusive domain of men. That’s a wildly outdated notion, and one that I’ve fought over my three decades in this field. I believe women deserve respectful, attentive service that helps them achieve a comfortable retirement, and that’s what we strive to deliver at Daner Wealth Management.”

If your investment philosophy aligns with ours, let’s explore a relationship.
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